ArcFM Desktop Configuration Guide

This section discusses the configuration for the ArcFM Desktop applications. Some products listed below require additional licensing. Contact Schneider Electric for licensing information.  


ArcFM provides core map navigation and editing tools. This section outlines the basic ArcFM geodatabase configuration as well as the configuration steps for specific ArcFM tools. The basic ArcFM geodatabase configuration is a pre-requisite for almost all other ArcFM Desktop configurations. In many cases the Feeder Manager configuration is required as well. These steps are outlined in this section.

Conduit Manager

This section describes the steps necessary to configure a geodatabase to use Conduit Manager. Configuration is separated into two parts: 1) the minimum configuration which allows the user to associate conductors and cables with conduit and place cross section annotation; 2) additional configuration that allows the use of a variety of optional functionality affecting annotation, duct size, headings and more.


Some Designer components must be configured in ArcCatalog before they are ready for use in ArcMap. Configuring a component is generally as easy as adding, assigning, or changing model names and autoupdaters. Use the Properties Manager in ArcCatalog to configure ArcFM tools. If you do not have a license for Designer, these tools will not be available.

Designer Express

The primary focus of Designer Express is to create a quick construction sketch and cost estimate while relaxing some of the GIS and Accounting principles that can be handled later in the design process. The application offers a full suite of editing tools as well as posting, plotting and reporting.

License Manager

The ArcFM License Manager allows an administrator to track the total number of ArcFM Solution licenses purchased as well as the current number in use and available. The License Manager model consists of a license server and a license client. A site may have multiple license servers and/or multiple license clients.

Geodatabase Manager

Geodatabase Manager allows you to automate the processes of reconciling and posting ArcSDE versions in your geodatabase. This tool can be set up to reconcile and post versions in conjunction with the Process Framework extensions (Session Manager and Workflow Manager) or it can be used independently of Process Framework.

Process Framework Administration Tool

System Administrators use the Process Framework Administration tool to add/remove users and administer their user role assignments in Session Manager and Workflow Manager. Session Manager is available with ArcFM and Designer. Workflow Manager is available ONLY with Designer. This tool provides a user-friendly interface for manipulating the tables associated with Session Manager and Workflow Manager.

ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine

ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine (or Engine Mobile for short) allows utilities to leverage ArcFM Solution functionality in the field. Using the instructions in this section, Engine Mobile may be configured in a wide variety of ways in order to provide your mobile users with the tools they need in the field. Each implementation provides a varying degree of functionality to the field users and has specific licensing requirements.

This section also contains Geodatabase Replication steps. Geodatabase Replication allows you to quickly synchronize a client geodatabase -- either personal (.mdb) or file (.gdb) -- with the most recent version of an SDE geodatabase.

Fiber Manager

ArcFM Fiber Manager has an integrated set of tools to display, manage, and analyze the fiber optic networks within a network system. This powerful set of tools provides the ability to create and manage fiber splice connections, create and manage circuits, perform network traces, and generate reports and schematic diagrams.

Process Framework

If you choose to use Process Framework on an Oracle or SQL database, you must first set up the database. The ArcFM and Designer installs include scripts to help you easily set up your database for use with Session Manager or Workflow Manager. This section outlines the steps necessary to set up your Process Framework database.

Network Adapter - DMS

Network Adapter allows the user to import feeder information into DMS for analysis. It retrieves user-specified data (feeder information) from the geodatabase and imports it into DMS for analysis using MultiSpeak-compliant XML. DMS and this implementation of Network Adapter are part of Schneider Electric's Smart Grid solution.

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