Define Ultimate Sources

By default, Extended Feeder Manager defines your ultimate sources as the most upstream devices in the network.

Option 1: Do Nothing

If you have assigned all autoupdaters as prescribed in this section, the autoupdaters will fire and determine the ultimate sources for you. Who ever said configuring Feeder Manager couldn't be easy?

Option 2: Define an Ultimate Source Upstream of Current Circuit Source

If you wish to define an ultimate source upstream of an existing CircuitSource, you will need to follow the steps below. Any feature with one of the following model names can be recognized as an ultimate source, provided it is a junction feature that participates in the electric network and it has a related row in the Circuit Source table (step 4 below).

  • Switch

  • OpenPoint

  • Transformer

  • PrimaryMeter

  • FdrMgrProtective

  • DynamicProtectiveDevice

  • Fuse

Follow these steps to define an ultimate source. Note that the feature class must have one of the above model names assigned.

  1. In ArcMap, select the CircuitSource(s) downstream of the ultimate source feature(s).
  2. In Attribute Editor, delete the CircuitSource relationship on each selected feature. This removes them from the CircuitSource table.
  3. Select the features to be designated as ultimate sources.
  4. Create a relationship with the CircuitSource table on each ultimate source feature.
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