Feeder Manager 2.0 and ArcFM Server

To view Feeder Manager 2.0 data, either ArcFM Server or the 64-bit Object Reader has to be installed on the ArcGIS Server machine.


Feeder Manger 2.0 data cannot be edited with ArcFM server and can only be viewed. Esri limitation 00064 prevents Feeder Manager 2.0 data from being published as a feature service (Feature Access enabled).

An Esri bug originally prevented Feeder Manager 2.0 data from being published in ArcGIS Server 10.4 and 10.4.1. The bug was fixed in Publishing Patch 2.

Data sources for enabled Feeder Manager 2.0 joins need to be registered separately from the layer's data source when publishing a map service. Below is a sample from the Service Editor Preparation Window:

File > Share As > Service > Service Editor > Analyze

Expand the Warning (notice the source descriptions are different):

Right-click each sub warning and register with the ArcGIS Server Datastore.

Then analyze within the Service Editor and verify that the warnings have been removed before proceeding with publishing the service.

Use the Service REST endpoint to verify Feeder Manager 2.0 fields.


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