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Feeder Manager 1.0 and 2.0 automatically determine which circuit or source(s) energizes a piece of electrical equipment with power and tracks which of its electrical phases are energized on the primary side. Feeder Manager responds to edits to the network, such as closing a switch, by updating the Feeder ID and energized phase information for all affected features. Feeder Manager (either version) is required for electric tracing in ArcFM.

MMElectricTraceWeight stores all of the attribute information about a device or conductor that feeder management needs to perform traces and assign FeederID values. The attribute information contains data on FeederID, tracing impedance (open or closed status) and possibly operating voltage and phasing information. Both versions of Feeder Manager rely on the weight autoupdater, which is a collection of autoupdaters. The weight autoupdater automatically maintains the value of the MMElectricTraceWeight field for every feature class in the geometric network.

  • NEITHER version of Feeder Manager supports the manual manipulation of the MMElectricTraceWeight field. Some feature classes will have a Null value in the MMElectricTraceWeight field. The features that carry a non-null trace weight are determined by model name. Refer to the Appendix for more information.

  • You may have no more than two line features emanating from or entering into a protective or switchable device point feature, unless this feature has the TRANSFORMER model name assigned. A subsource, including any that are modeled as a Transformer, cannot have more than two line features emanating from or entering into it under any circumstances. We support Transformers being used as subsources (though it is not recommended), but note that you cannot have more than two line features emanating from a Transformer that is a subsource.

  • Poor data quality, e.g., bad phase designation data, can degrade the performance of Feeder Manager 1.0 and 2.0.

  • Any switchable feature placed on a line feature needs to split that line feature so it becomes two line features. ArcFM Segment Split AU and SPLITTARGET class model name are intended to enforce this requirement without additional manual user intervention, but this issue can arise in data conversion.

Feeder Manager 1.0 and 2.0 require specific classes, fields, relationships, and domains in the geodatabase design. If your geodatabase can't be designed this way, you may need to create a custom weight autoupdater.

Choosing a version of Feeder Manager is the first thing you should do.

  • Before configuring either version of Feeder Manager, you must perform the Basic ArcFM Configuration. This configuration is required. Without it, your Feeder Manager configuration will fail.

  • If your geodatabase has many thousands of Feeder Manager sources and subsources, you will want to set the following registry key to optimize performance:


        (64-bit) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Miner and Miner\ArcFM8\Feeder Manager

        (32-bit) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Miner and Miner\ArcFM8\Feeder Manager

    Name: DisableSnapshot

    Type: REG_DWORD

    Data: 1

     Setting this key will prevent Feeder Manager from creating a snapshot of feeder sources every time a user begins an edit session. The trade-off is that you will lose any unsaved edits should you quit Feeder Manager.

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