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Next, follow the steps below to create a replica for each geodatabase you wish to replicate (e.g., Backdrop).

  1. On the client machine, open the ArcFM Geodatabase Replication Administrator (Start menu | ArcFM Solution | ArcFM Geodatabase Replication).
  2. You may create a new configuration file or use the empty file provided in the ArcFM Solution\Bin\XML directory. Regardless, this file MUST be named ReplicationConsole.exe.config and reside at this location: Program Files\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\Bin\.
    • To Create a new configuration file, right-click the ArcFM Geodatabase Replication node and select New Configuration File. Select the configuration node. The ConfigurationFile field to the right establishes the name and location of your configuration file. Browse to the location in which your configuration file should be stored (see Step 2). Name the file ReplicationConsole.exe.config and click Save.

    • To Open an existing configuration file, click the Open Existing Configuration File button and browse to the ReplicationConsole.exe.config file.

      Each configuration file has three sections: Client, Server, and Web Service. Each section must be created on its corresponding machine and in the appropriate file. The Server and client sections reside in the ReplicationConsole.exe.config file. The web section resides in the Web.config file.

      The following settings are used by the replication client to determine how updates are requested from the Web Service.

  3. Right click the configuration node and select New > Client. This creates a Client node and a category.
  4. Select the Client node and browse to the Base Directory (e.g., ClientBase, ReplicationField). This is the directory created on the Create Client Base Path page and should be a local directory. Engine Mobile Users: This path was created in the Set Up Directory Structure step.

    Categories: You may right-click the Client node and select New > Category to create additional categories. Create as many categories as necessary to organize your replicas (e.g., by zip code). Right-click the category and select Rename or enter a new name in the Category Name at the right. This applies to client, server, and web categories.

  5. Right-click the category and select New > File Geodatabase Replica Client or New > Personal Geodatabase Replica Client. You may add as many replicas as necessary to each category.
  6. Select the geodatabase and set values for the settings to the right.
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