Configure Graphic Annotation

  1. In ArcCatalog, right-click the ArcFM annotation feature class that will store public redlines and select ArcFM Properties Manager. If you are creating a new annotation class, it must have a type of ArcFM Annotation Feature. It also requires a text field that will hold the name of the associated graphic favorite. This field will require a model name (assigned below). The annotation layer must be registered as versioned and have the appropriate permissions assigned to allow users access to it.
  2. On the Model Names tab, assign the PUBLICANNOTATIONTARGET model name.
  3. On the Field Model Names tab, select a text field that will store the name of the graphic. This field MUST be editable and have a data type of Text. The name displayed on the Graphic Tab is placed in this field when the graphic is placed as annotation. Assign the GRAPHICFAVORITENAME field model name to this field.
  4. Click OK to save changes and dismiss the ArcFM Properties Manager.

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