Import/Export Configuration

The Export Configuration and Import Configuration tools in the Tools menu provide a way to easily transfer a configuration from one machine to another.

Export Configuration

The Export Configuration tool exports only the selected service.

  1. Ensure you have saved your current configuration. Click Apply.
  2. Select the service you wish to export in the Available Services field.
  3. Select Export Configuration from the Tools menu.
  4. Enter a file name and browse to the location at which you want to save it.
  5. Click Save. This saves an XML to the selected location (and with the chosen name) containing the configuration information.

    Import Configuration

Import Configuration

  1. Open ArcFM Geodatabase Manager on the machine that has not been configured.
  2. Select a service in the Available Services window. The XML configuration will be imported into the selected service.
  3. Select Import Configuration from the Tools menu.
  4. Browse to the XML file that contains the configuration information, select it and click Open.
  5. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to import the XML. Click Yes to import or No to cancel. If a service with the same name already exists, it will be overwritten.
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