License Manager Utility

The License Manager utility allows an administrator to use a command prompt to view information about licenses and the license server. An administrator may access this utility on license servers that have License Manager installed.

TIP: If you're troubleshooting license acquisition on an ArcFM client machine, you may also find it useful to install License Manager there. Not for the sake of delivering licenses—but for using LicenseRegistrar.exe for troubleshooting purposes. 
  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory where LicenseRegistrar.exe is located. This file is installed in the ArcFM Solution\LicenseServer directory.
  2. Enter LicenseRegistrar.exe and the name of your license server. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\LicenseServer>LicenseRegistrar.exe shazbot

    A report is displayed that provides the number of licenses on a server and the number currently in use. It also displays the users who currently have licenses checked out for each product.

    NOTE: Note that the Server Version number in the Server Information section of the report always displays This number does not reflect the installed version of License Manager. To determine the installed version of License Manager, open Programs and Features in Windows and look for ArcFM Solution License Manager in the list.

Available Options

The following table outlines the following options available in the License Registrar. Example values shown in <> indicate values the user must enter.




Displays the available options.


Specifies the port to connect to. For example: LicenseRegistrar.exe <hostname | IP> [/p] <port>


Specifies the universal resource identifier to use. Default = MinerLicenseSErver9Uri  For example: LicenseRegistrar.exe <hostname | IP> [/u] <uri>

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