License Checkout Failure

A message similar to the one shown here will appear if a license cannot be checked out. Below is a list of Failure Codes and their descriptions. When a Checkout Failure message appears, ArcMap will crash because it cannot finish opening without access to a license.

Failure Code



The maximum number of licenses for this product are already in use. Contact Schneider Electric to purchase additional licenses.


The customer is not licensed for this product.


The license server was found, but it has no licensed products. They could be expired.


The license server was unable to locate a valid license file.


The server and product were found, but the license version is less than what was requested. For example, the client has an ArcFM 8.3 license and attempted to run ArcFM 8.3.2.

GeneralLicenseException or ApplicationException

The license server has encountered an unexpected error.

ClientServerFailure or RemotingError

The license server was not found on the network, or the network is not present.


The client and server are not compatible versions.


The server and product were found for this item, but the license has expired.

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