Create Login Database

When ArcFM starts, the user is prompted to log in to a database. The ArcFM Login database is one that contains the ArcFM System Tables which house the various snapping settings, stored displays, page templates, and favorites. As its name implies, the Login database is the database to which mobile users will log in.

On the enterprise, the ArcFM Login database is typically the same SDE database that hosts the enterprise geodatabase. However, on field machines the Login database is a separate personal geodatabase. The mobile login database will not contain any feature or object classes since it is never going to be edited. The sole purpose of the mobile Login database is to store feature favorites, graphic favorites, stored displays, and other standard items managed by ArcFM.

In the steps below, you will copy stored displays from your enterprise database into your Login database. You may wish to create on the enterprise a stored display that contains only the layers that the field user will require. 

IMPORTANT: The Login database is created on the Administrator machine so that you can use the Data Source Wizard to connect the stored display layers to the Backdrop geodatabase. Because the directory structure on your Administrator machine is exactly the same as the directory structure on your field machines, the stored display layers will remain connected for field users.
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