Manage CUs

The Manage CUs tab allows you to view, create, edit, and delete compatible units (CUs). Designer now uses CU referencing to better manage compatible units. CU referencing does not require any configuration.

In the past, if you updated a compatible unit (CU) within the library, you'd also have to update each and every favorite that contained a copy of that compatible unit. CU referencing eliminates this need. With CU referencing, favorites no longer contain copies of CUs. Instead they contain a reference or a pointer to the original CU in the CU library. If you update a CU in the library, the change will be reflected in any favorites that reference the CU. This functionality is integrated into Designer and requires no configuration.


Designer uses a combination of the following information to reference a CU. This combination will always be unique for each CU in the library.

WMS Code + Table Name + Subtype

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