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Use the Manage CUs tab to add compatible units to the CU library. You can create either spatial or non-spatial CUs.

  1. On the Manage CUs tab, click the Create New button. This brings up the New Compatible Unit window.
  2. In the New Compatible Unit window, select a Feature or Object class. Select <None> to create a non-spatial CU.
    • Select <None> in the Feature/Object Class field to create a non-spatial (or non-GIS) CU.

    • CUs can only be created from feature/object classes that have been converted to Designer Objects using the ArcFM Solution Object Converter.

  3. Select a Subtype. If the selected feature or object class does not have a Subtype, this field will be disabled.
  4. Enter a WMS code.
  5. Click Continue to create the CU. Click Cancel to return to the Manage CUs dialog without creating the CU.
  6. After you've clicked Continue on the New Compatible Unit screen, the new CU will be selected in the Compatible Units list. Edit the associated information in the right column. This includes General Information, Design, Extended Data (if it exists), and Defining Attributes.
    NOTE: When you create multiple CUs with the same WMS code but a different subtype, we recommend you use the same description for each (in both the MM_CU_LIBRARY and MM_WMS_COMPATIBLE_UNIT_LIBRARY tables). In these cases, use the name field to differentiate which CUs represent your data model. Following this advice will prevent issues with display namers.
    IMPORTANT: If you click Cancel at this point (or somehow fail to save), the new CU will not be saved to the Compatible Units list.
  7. Click Save to add the new CU to the CU list.
  8. If the new CU needs to be available for designs in Workflow Manager, you must add the CU to the MM_WMS_COMPATIBLE_UNIT_LIBRARY table.  
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