Once you have selected a CU from the list, you can edit it using the column at the right side of the screen. This column allows you to edit various types of information about the CU.

  • General Information: This section allows you to edit the name and description associated with the CU. The Code is assigned to the CU when it is created and cannot be modified.

    IMPORTANT: Typically, the following characters are invalid for CU naming: $ ^ * + | ?. Although we strongly recommend keeping this behavior, you can edit your Windows registry to accept these characters in CU naming. See the Allow Invalid Characters in CU Naming topic for more information.
  • Design: Use this section to modify the Designer-specific field values for the selected CU. This includes Workflow Status, Work Function, Units of Measure, and Available Work Functions. Refer to the Configuring Units of Measure topic for more information about configuring Units of Measure.

    TIP: An ArcFM Properties Manager option on the geodatabase allows you to remove "None" from the list of Work Functions in the CU Filter. 

    Clear the checkbox to remove the None option from the Work Function field in the CU Filter. If you give a CU only the work function of None, it will not appear in the CU Filter in ArcMap. This may be used to "retire" CUs that are no longer used.
  • Extended Data: If there is extended data associated with the selected CU, you can edit it here. If no extended data exists, this section will be empty. Refer to Extended Data section for more information about adding extended data to your CUs.

    IMPORTANT: Event Log Warnings: In some cases you may experience a number of warnings in the event log when placing CUs in an open design. These warnings indicate old extended data attributes exist on the CU, but are not configured in Workflow Manager. The process to clean up old extended data attributes is complex and involves modifying the MM_CU_Extended_Data table as well as the XML for CUs and Favorites. It is safe to ignore these warnings.
  • Defining Attributes: This section displays the defining attributes for the CU. These are set when the CU is created and cannot be edited. However, you can edit the Work Function value associated with the CU.

    TIP: The fields in the Defining Attributes list are determined by the value of the CU Defining field on the Field Info tab in the ArcFM Properties Manager. Any field with a CU Defining value of Yes will appear in the Defining Attributes list.

Click Save to save any changes you've made to the selected CU. If you attempt to select another CU before saving, you will be prompted to save the current CU first.

Click Cancel to undo any changes you've made and return the fields to the values assigned before you started editing.

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