Monitor Queue and History

The Monitor tab allows you to view the queue of versions waiting to be posted as well as the Reconcile and Post history. The Monitor section provides three tabs.

Click Connect to view data in the tabs. Click Disconnect to stop displaying information. Refresh manually updates the views on all tabs.

Post Queue

This tab displays the versions waiting in the posting queue. You can modify the Priority field in the post queue. Scroll to the right until you find the Priority field. Enter a numerical value in this field. Versions with higher Priority values (e.g., 100) are posted first. Lower Priority values (e.g., 1) are posted later. Click Update to save the change.

Double-click a column header to sort the data by that column. This functionality works on all three tabs (Post Queue, Reconcile History, and Post History).

Reconcile History

This tab displays the versions that have been reconciled.

Post History

This tab displays the versions that have been posted.

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