Geodatabase Manager

Geodatabase Manager allows you to automate the processes of reconciling and posting ArcSDE versions in your geodatabase. This tool can be set up to reconcile and post versions in conjunction with the Process Framework extensions (Session Manager and Workflow Manager) or it can be used independently of Process Framework. Geodatabase Manager allows utilities with large numbers of versions to maintain healthy data by providing a reconcile service that reconciles versions on an on-going basis. It also allows you to set up a nightly batch post process.

IMPORTANT: Geodatabase Manager is not supported with Fiber Manager Circuits. Do not use Geodatabase Manager to reconcile or post edits to Fiber Manager data if circuits are in use with the fiber data.

This section describes how to set up your geodatabase to use Geodatabase Manager and how to configure various services to reconcile and post at the specific times.

IMPORTANT: Do not compress the geodatabase when the Geodatabase Manager service is running. If you compress during a non-locking reconcile, you will corrupt the database's state lineage.
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