Upgrade to 10.1.1

With release 10.1.1, changes were made to support Mobile functionality. The following upgrades are necessary only if you wish to implement Mobile.

These instructions are intended for GIS administrators who currently are in production with Workflow Manager and who want to upgrade to the most recent release of the ArcFM Solution. This document does not apply if you are not currently using Workflow Manager and will be implementing it with the most recent version of the ArcFM Solution (i.e., you are new to ArcFM and are starting with the most recent release). If this is the case, refer to Set Up Workflow Manager.

If you are upgrading your Process Framework, you may also need to use the Process Framework Database Upgrade tool.


The following changes are necessary only if you wish to implement Mobile.

Create Table Indices

Execute after tables have been added to the database.

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