Create Extract Version and Client Geodatabase

This method requires that you create a new initial extract version in the SDE geodatabase. This information is also discussed on the Before You Begin page in this section. If you have multiple replication geodatabases (e.g., electric, gas, water), perform these steps ONLY for the client geodatabase (and extract version) on which the replication failed.

Refer to the Create Initial Extract Version and Initial Extract Geodatabase section of the Mobile help topic titled Create Backdrop Geodatabase (Initial Extract Geodatabase) to complete the following steps:

  1. Open the SDE geodatabase (from which updates will be made) and create an initial extract version. Its parent must be the sync version (e.g., SDE.default, MMBulletinBoard). The owner should be a specific replication owner, and the version must be private to that owner. Do NOT reconcile and post this version. Remember to create an initial extract version for EACH replica.
  2. Create an initial extract geodatabase from the SDE geodatabase. When performing the extract, use the initial extract version created in the previous step. Each geodatabase must connect to only one SDE geodatabase. ESRI recommends a size limit of 500mb for geodatabases. Once the database has been created, place this database in the Base Path directory in a folder designated to hold the initial extracts (e.g., InitialExtracts). It will replace the geodatabase extracted when Geodatabase Replication was initially set up.
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