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The Send to Targets tool on the Utility tools context menu of Attribute Editor places a selected feature or object and its related features and objects on the Attribute Editor's Targets tab. You can configure whether or not a feature or object will appear on the Targets tab as a related feature or object by using the class model name SENDTOTARGETS.

Assign the class model name SENDTOTARGETS to any object class you want to appear in the Targets tab when it's related to another feature. For example, if you want to view the transformers related to a support structure on the Targets tab, assign the SENDTOTARGETS model name to the Transformer feature class. By default, this model name is stored in the Domain Independent Object Class Model Name domain.

Assign the SENDTOTARGETS model name to the related object class.

NOTE: This configuration works with only non-attributed relationships. Any feature or object connected through an attributed relationship will not appear on the Targets tab, even if it is assigned the SENDTOTARGETS class model name.

A related field property also affects the behavior of the Send to Targets tool. In the Field Info tab of any feature class, the Reset After Create field property determines whether the value in the field is reset after the feature is created. For example, you may set this property to Yes on the Facility ID field. The user may send the feature to the Targets tab, enter a Facility ID, and place the feature. After the feature is placed, the user-entered Facility ID field is cleared. If the user immediately placed another feature, the Facility ID would be empty.

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