Work Location Design Feature Class

Configuring Designer Express to make it easy to add Work Locations (WLs) to designs will help users organize cost items into logical groups for construction crews and accounting personnel.

Create an Express Work Location Design Feature Class from an Existing Designer Work Location Feature Class

  1. Run the Designer Express Configuration Wizard.
  2. In the Select Existing Dataset window, choose the dataset that contains your core work location feature class. For example, you may use the Designer Dataset if you have the Work Location feature class in it and want to use it as the base for your WL DFC.
  3. In Choose Design Feature Class Dataset, specify a name for the dataset that will contain your WL DFC.
  4. In the Select Design Feature Classes window, select your core WL feature class.
  5. To take advantage of the full Designer Express Work Location functionality, add the following fields in the Select Fields window:
    • DESCRIPTION (Text field type)

    • WORKLOCATIONID (Text field type)

  6. Complete the Wizard.

Add Model Names and Field Names

Model names and field model names are essential to configuring ArcFM tools.

The following model name and field model names are required:


Field Model Names:


Field Model Name

Field Type







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