Connection Manager Form Components

Connection Manager is a key component of Fiber Manager. It is important to understand the layout and features of the Connection Manager form in order to manage connection information within your database.

Form Components

  • (1) Editable attributes: Edit connection attributes while in an edit session.

  • (2) Drop-down menus: Select fiber optic cables or devices whose connections you want to display. The list includes all cables or devices available for the selected feature (splice point, patch panel, etc.).

  • (3) Fiber information grid: Scroll horizontally to see all attributes, or adjust the width of the columns. You can also adjust the total width of either grid.

  • (4) Stub: View and manipulate unconnected but available fiber strands.

  • (5) Splice connection: View and manipulate existing connections. Red lines indicate that the connection is part of a circuit path. The numbers at the either end of the connection indicate the tray.

  • (6) Squap: View "square lollipops" that represent spliced fibers where the other side of the connection is not selected in the drop-down menu and therefore is not currently displayed on the Connection Manager form. Red squaps indicate that the connection belongs to a circuit path.

  • (7) Squap callout: Hover over a squap to display a callout with the name of the connected item

  • (8) Circuit name: Mouse over a red connection to highlight it in blue and display the circuit name.

  • (9) Color palette button: Select the highlight color in which to display the selected fibers or devices on the map while Connection Manager remains open.

    TIP: You can right-click an existing connection and select Show both sides of connection. This adjusts the vertical scrolling position of each cable or device such that both ends are visible. If you do the same on a squap, the Connection Manager automatically selects the relevant devices or fiber optic cables from the drop-down menus so that the connection is visible. 
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