You can disconnect existing connections in Connection Manager. This is an important step for resplicing or correcting connection errors in your database.
IMPORTANT: Always disconnect existing connections prior to deleting a fiber facility. This prevents possible “missing connection” errors.
  1. Start Editing by opening a session or design.
  2. Click the Connection Manager button on the Fiber Manager toolbar.
  3. Use the Connection Manager  cursor to hover over a fiber feature until it highlights, then click it. The Connection Manager dialog opens.
  4. In Connection Manager, select one or more connections you want to disconnect. Use the Shift and Control keys to select multiple contiguous and non-contiguous connections, respectively.
  5. Click Disconnect. Alternatively, you can right-click and select Disconnect.

    IMPORTANT: Transition point connections cannot be edited through the Connection Manager.

    To connect or disconnect all connections at a Transition Point, right-click Transition Point in Attribute Editor and select either Disconnect All At Transition Point or Connect All At Transition Point. Either of these options will automatically update all circuits passing through the transition point.

  6. Click OK to save the edits and exit the form, or click Apply to save the edits and keep the form open.
  7. Continue to edit connections. Click Close when done.
  8. Save your edits.
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