Create Connections

  1. Click the Connection Manager button on the Fiber Manager toolbar.
  2. Use the Connection Manager  cursor to hover over the map feature until the feature is highlighted.
    TIP: If you select a feature that contains conflicts, the Connection Conflict Resolution tool opens.
  3. Click the feature to display the Connection Manager form.
  4. Use the right and left drop-down menus to select the two features that you want to view or whose connections you want to edit.

    The following example shows two of the three fiber optic cables spliced at this location (SplicePoint 9, whose name is displayed in the title bar). This example concerns the connections between the North 35th BB15 and the North 35th BB29 fiber optic cables. The squap callout below indicates a connection to the Scott Elementary fiber optic cable that is not currently displayed on the form via the drop-down menus.

  5. For the connections you're about to create, select attribute values for tray, splice type, and attenuation loss. Until you change them, all new connections will contain the values you enter.
  6. Stubs represent unconnected (available) fibers. To connect a stub, hover over the stub to display a blue dot. Click the stub to select it.
  7. Click a stub on the other side to complete the connection.

    TIP: There are alternate ways to create connections in Connection Manager.
    • Use the Autoconnect button to create connections between all available stubs on either side of the Connection Manager. This tool starts at the top of each list and works downward until there are no remaining available stubs in one of the lists. Note that Autoconnect forms connections for all available, corresponding strands, even those not displayed in the visible portion of the form.

    • Use the Shift and Control keys to simultaneously select multiple contiguous and non-contiguous stubs, respectively. Then click a stub on the other side where you want to start connecting each selected stub. Note that intervening squaps halt the connection creation process.

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