Understanding Fiber Manager Favorites

Fiber Manager relies on Favorites to add preconfigured features such as end devices, fiber optic cables, patch locations, and splice points to the database. Your system administrator can create several Favorite categories by configuring numerous features with specific attribute values. For example, your fiber optic cable Favorite category may contain numerous fiber optic cable configurations using attribute information such as the number of strands, overhead or underground placement, length information, and manufacturer information for each feature. Favorites help reduce data discrepancies and save you from configuring features prior to adding them to the map.

IMPORTANT: Due to the complexity of fiber optic cable configurations, Fiber Manager requires that Favorites be used to add fiber optic cable features to a map.

See the Configuration topic Create Fiber Favorites for more information.

To access your Favorites, you must be in edit mode or have an edit session open. Click the Features  button at the top of the table of contents and expand the System Favorites category. The following is an example of administrator-defined Favorite categories. Your Favorites will look different depending on your system configuration.

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