Fiber Trace Schematics

You can create a schematic diagram based on a fiber trace. Fiber trace schematics adhere to all fiber user settings. Perform the following steps to create a schematic.

  1. Enable the Schematics extension.
  2. Click the Fiber Trace Schematic  button on the Fiber Manager Toolbar.
  3. Choose which feature classes the flag should snap to on the map, and then click OK.
  4. Click a fiber feature in the map. If directional tracing is enabled, click again to specify a trace direction.
    TIP: For directional traces, if you clicked the wrong feature, you can press Esc to reset the tool before specifying a trace direction.
  5. Check the fiber objects that you want to trace. Check Display Trace Path Report if you want to view a trace report in a web browser.
  6. Click Trace Selected Items.
  7. Type a name the fiber trace schematic and click OK. Names are limited to 25 characters.

    Fiber Manager generates and activates the new fiber trace schematic.

    TIP: The first time you generate a fiber trace schematic, you may see large boxes surrounding implied connections. All subsequently generated fiber trace schematics scale this box correctly. To correctly scale such boxes on your first fiber trace schematic, click the Start Editing Diagram  button,  then click the Stop Editing Diagram button on the Schematic Editor toolbar.
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