Fiber Manager Toolbar

The Fiber Manager toolbar provides the tools to create and edit fiber splice connections, manage, edit and delete circuits, trace fiber networks, and produce reports.

The following example depicts a customized toolbar containing all available icons and tools. Your Fiber Manager toolbar may look different depending on your specific toolbar configuration.




Connection Manager

Use the Connection Manager to create new fiber connections or edit existing connections.

Fiber Trace

The Fiber Trace highlights an end-to-end path of connected fibers, and can generate a report about that path.

OTDR Trace

Use the Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Trace to highlight a specified distance along a path of connected fibers. You can also use it to generate a report about that path.

Clear Graphics

Clear the highlighted results of an OTDR trace or a Circuit Manager trace.

Patch Panel Connection Report

The Patch Panel Connection Report generates an HTML report of attributes and connections for single or multiple pieces of equipment (such as a patch panel) in locations that you specify.

Splice Report Tool

The Splice Report generates a color-coded textual report of all the splices that exist at a single splice point.

Fiber Allocation Report

The Fiber Allocation Report provides a graphical display of the connections between every fiber in a fiber optic cable that is part of a selected set.

Glass Report

Use the Glass Report to summarize characteristics of fiber optic cables that are part of a selected set of cables in the fiber optic network or on the entire network of fiber optic cables.

Circuit Manager

Use Circuit Manager to view, create, edit, and delete circuits associated with a single end-to-end path consisting of fibers, fiber connections, and/or device ports.

Location Editor

Use the Location Editor to add related objects to existing features using Favorites.

Fiber User Settings

Set the tracing type, default values for splice types, and whether Connection Manager displays disconnect warnings.

Fiber Trace Schematic

Create a schematic diagram based on a fiber trace.

Fiber Connection Conflict Resolution

Use the Fiber Connection Conflict Resolution tool to resolve fiber connection conflicts in a versioned SDE geodatabase.

The following buttons do not appear on the toolbar by default, but can be added using the Customize menu.

Bulk Circuit Tool

Creates multiple circuits at the same time.

Inspect and Fix Circuits

Inspects all circuits and circuit components for corruption issues. It fixes issues where it can and deletes those circuits which cannot be fixed. This is a long running operation.

Possible Paths Tool

Use the Possible Paths Tool to find each possible path — including the shortest path — from specified start and end points in the fiber network. The results can be filtered based on the trace parameters that you specify.

Trace, Place, Connect

The Trace, Place, Connect (TPC) tool traces an existing path, then places and connects favorites within that path. Much like how Location Editor allows you to drag and drop fiber facilities from your favorites onto existing points, TPC allows you to drag and drop favorites along existing fiber paths.

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