Create a New Circuit

You can use Circuit Manager to create new circuits and edit existing circuits.

Click the vertical and horizontal  bars to adjust the layout of the Circuit Manager window. You can also use the search bar to filter circuit names as you type.

  1. To create a new circuit, first select one feature (e.g., PatchLocation, DevicePoint, FiberOpticCable, Splitter) on the map using the Selection tool while in edit mode.
    • The feature(s) you select on the map populate the list of available features for your circuit header, so ensure that you include the desired feature in your selection.

    • You can create new circuits when the selected feature has a related object with the FIBERCONNECTABLEOBJECT model name assigned to it (either point or line). An administrator assigns model names and determines which features are compatible with this tool.

  2. Click the Circuit Manager  button.
  3. Click the Create New Circuit radio button. This button is not available unless you are in an edit session.
  4. Select the Create Fiber Path Trace Report checkbox to display a trace report in a web browser when you later run the circuit trace.
  5. Select the Zoom to Trace Extent checkbox to view the trace path in the map.
  6. Click to display a color palette and select the color for your circuit trace. This is especially useful if you want to display multiple trace paths at the same time with different colors.
  7. If you want to perform a trace on a specific wavelength, type a value in the Wavelength field of the Circuit’s attributes pane. You must click on a different field after typing a value for Circuit Manager to register that value.
  8. Click Select to display the Trace Selector window.
  9. In the Trace Selector window, select the port that represents the origin of the circuit and click Trace Selected Item to trace the circuit.
  10. The trace path appears on the map in the chosen trace color. Click Clear on the Circuit Manager form or Clear Graphics on the Fiber Manager toolbar to clear the highlighted trace path.
  11. To save the new circuit, type attribute values for the circuit. At a minimum, you must name the circuit. Be sure to click off the last edited field for Circuit Manager to acknowledge that value.
  12. Click Save to save the values, then click Close to exit the form.
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