Fiber User Settings

Click the ArcFM Fiber Settings  button on the Fiber Manager toolbar to access user settings.

Tracing Style

As of 10.2.1a X-style networks are no longer supported. Tracing does not follow X-style tracing components.

Use Directional Tracing

Directional tracing allows you to determine in which direction the trace travels. When this option is disabled, the trace travels in all available directions. If you enable directional tracing, the trace travels only in a direction that you define. A full description of directional tracing and how it interacts with Y-style tracing is available in the Appendix.

Default Splice Parameters

You can adjust the default loss values for each configured splice type. When adjusting default loss values for more than one splice type, click the Apply button before selecting another splice type. Changing the default values does not affect existing data.

Display Connection Manager Disconnect Warnings

Connection Manager displays a warning dialog when disconnecting items that are normally connected permanently (e.g., backside ports). Deselect this option to suppress warning messages.

Display Sheath Length Warnings

To avoid the generation of incorrect data, fiber optic cables with length sources set to Footstamps, Documents/Field Notes, or OTDR Length are changed after a split. Each of the two linear features resulting from a split revert to a length source of GIS Length+Slack Loops. A message displays whenever this occurs. Clear this checkbox to turn off these notifications.

Update Availability Along Circuit Path

Checking this box means that when you disconnect or reconnect a fiber that has circuits on it, Circuit Manager updates the availability counts along the circuit; i.e., each cable traversed by the circuit gets an updated value in its attribute that stores the number of available fibers in this cable.

This setting works in conjunction with Set all along circuit to... in Circuit Manager, which has a drop-down of Available and Unavailable options.

IMPORTANT: Fiber counts are not updated unless the Set all along circuit to... option is checked in Circuit Manager.

If you check the Update availability along circuit path and mark everything as unavailable, and you simultaneously have the Set all along circuit to...unchecked, then the strands are marked unavailable though the counts are not updated in response. The counts along the circuit won’t change, but the individual fibers change their state.

  • If your utility makes use of the cable attribute that shows how many of its strands are currently available, always keep this setting enabled.

  • If your utility doesn’t use the cable attribute, we recommend keeping this setting disabled to improve performance.

Current Session OTDR End Point Symbol

Use this feature to change how the end point symbol displays for an OTDR trace. As it's labeled, this setting affects your current editing session, not future sessions.

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