Recalculate Circuit Length

To avoid the situation in which deleting a fiber cable without first disconnecting the cable results in the associated circuit not updating its Circuit Length, you can use the ReCalc button in Circuit Manager.

After updating entries in Connection Manager, the Circuit Manager button on the Fiber Manager toolbar changes appearance: .

Based on those updated entries in Connection Manager, in Circuit Manager you can select <show recalc circuits only> from the Circuit Type drop-down to show only those circuits that need recalculated.

Highlight a circuit from the list and click ReCalc.

If you happen to end an edit session without updating any circuits in the Circuit Type list, you receive a warning.

If you save and return later, or you save and post the changes, you won’t see the updated circuits in the Circuit Type list. Therefore, you can choose to save the updated circuits to a file so you can recalculate lengths at a different time.

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