Trace, Place, Connect

The Trace, Place, Connect (TPC) tool traces an existing path, then places and connects favorites within that path. Much like how Location Editor allows you to drag and drop fiber facilities from your favorites onto existing points, TPC allows you to drag and drop favorites along existing fiber paths. In addition to the favorites you choose to place and connect, TPC connects all connectable descendants in the object hierarchy. It skips non-connectable objects, but continues connecting further generations of descendants. The following example uses an air-blown fiber (ABF) installation. In ABF, microducts are installed empty, and later, fibers are inserted with air-blown pressure.
IMPORTANT: The TPC tool does not appear on the Fiber Manager toolbar by default. Use Customize Mode in ArcMap to add the tool to the toolbar.
  1. Start editing or open a session.
  2. On the Fiber Manager toolbar, click the TPC tool.
  3. If needed, use the Feature Class Snapping dialog to reduce the list of snappable features, then click OK.
  4. Click on a fiber feature to initiate the trace.
  5. In the Trace Selector dialog, choose the appropriate fiber features to trace, then click Trace Selected Items.

  6. In the TPC dialog, notice system and user favorites appear on the left side, and the trace paths appear on the right side.
  7. Expand a trace path to view its details.

  8. To orient yourself on the map, right-click any of the trace results, then select Highlight to view the location.

  9. Check the box next to the system or user favorite you want to place in the traced paths. Use the Select Child Objects radio button to automatically check the boxes of all children objects.

  10. Click the highest checked parent of the objects you want to place, then drag it to the Location pane on the right side of the dialog. If you are allowed to place the checked objects on the traced feature, the Items to place text highlights in blue.
    1. Items dropped on a trace appear in pink:

    2. Check Copy to all traces on drop if you want the items placed in all traced paths:

  11. Click Apply to place and connect the items.

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