Using Connection Manager

Use Connection Manager to view, create, or edit fiber connections at splices, patch locations, devices, and other equipment. This tool is available when you have a Fiber Manager license, enabled the Fiber Manager extension, and have a Stored Display with fiber data.

If you want to view fiber connections but not create or edit them, you can use the Connection Manager without starting an editing session. Some of its components are absent while in view-only mode.

Depending on your configuration, connecting or disconnecting fiber objects can automatically connect and disconnect all of their children and further descendant objects. For example, connecting two ABF tubes with the Connection Manager can also connect the fiber strands within those tubes, as well as the channels within those fiber strands. Connections automatically created below parents display in the Connection Manager the next time you open it.

IMPORTANT: If you want to disconnect a cable from the network, you must use the Connection Manager to disconnect it from both ends. Errors and corrupt data can occur if you attempt to disconnect it using another method (e.g., Esri’s Disconnect tool). Ensure that both ends are disconnected from the network to prevent corrupt data.

Use Connection Manager for each of the following:

  • View connections

  • Create connections

  • Edit connections

  • Disconnect

The following examples depict a splice point in which three fiber optic cables are connected:

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