Add Switching Operation

Available in Responder Explorer.

Use this tool to add a switching operation to an existing confirmed incident, or to operate an upstream device in order to perform maintenance on the outage device. This tool adds the operated device to the incident as well as restoration steps. To add or remove restoration steps, use the Edit Restoration Steps tool. This tool is not available on either unconfirmed and probable incidents.

  1. Right-click a confirmed incident and select Add Switching Operation.
  2. Click the device to be operated.
    NOTE: You can select a device on a different feeder, but it must be Confirmed.

    In ArcMap, the cursor appears as a circle with a blue dot in the middle (the blue dot snaps to devices and lines alike). The cursor snaps to any feature that has the SWITCHINGDEVICE model name assigned.

  3. In the Create Switching Operation dialog, modify the Planned Status as needed; you can also provide an outage time and the name of the person who operated the device.

    The Planned Status field lists the phases and phase combinations that can be operated on the device. If the device's normal status is closed, the Planned field shows which phases can be opened. If the device's normal status is opened, the Planned field shows which phases can be closed.

  4. Type any additional pertinent information in the Remarks field.
  5. Click OK.
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