Cancel Incident Device

Available in Responder Explorer.

Responder Explorer provides the option to cancel an electric device, non-electric device, or hazard from an incident that contains more than one device or hazard. If the incident contains only one device or hazard, the Cancel tool is not available when the user right-clicks the feature.

Responder can be configured to archive cancelled features, in which case the cancelled features can be viewed in Archive Explorer after the incident is closed. As long as the incident remains open, the cancelled feature is not visible in Archive Explorer. A cancelled feature is displayed in gray text under its original incident.

  1. Right-click an electric device, non-electric device, or hazard, and then select Cancel.
  2. In the Confirm Cancel dialog, click Yes to cancel the feature, or click No to keep the feature and close the confirmation screen.

  3. If you clicked Yes in the previous step, provide a reason for the cancellation.
    NOTE: This field only appears if your administrator has configured it to be displayed.
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