Cancel Incident with Associated Calls

In this case the user is not prompted with the usual confirmation window (as shown in the previous topic). Instead the user is prompted to choose how the associated calls are handled when the incident is cancelled.

NOTE: If you cancel an incident with a multi-customer loadpoint (e.g., an apartment building), any changes made using the Select Affected Customers tool are lost. If the user elects to reassign calls, only calls are reassigned. If a dispatcher used the Select Affected Customers tool to indicate a customer at the loadpoint as out, this information is lost.

If calls are associated with the incident, the following error message appears:

  1. If you receive the Confirm Cancel error message displayed above, do one of the following:
    • Select Deleted to delete the calls associated with the incident.
    • Select Reassigned to have Responder evaluate the calls associated with the cancelled incident and either assign them to an upstream incident device if one exists or create single premise incidents for each call.

      Assume, for example, an incident on a transformer is cancelled and customers associated with that transformer had placed calls reporting outages. Responder would then trace upstream to determine if another incident exists on an upstream device. If an incident exists on an upstream fuse, the calls are associated with that incident. If no upstream incident exists, Responder creates individual incidents for each customer call.

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