Change Fault Device

Available in Responder Explorer.

Change Fault Device allows the user to select an electric feature to replace an incident feature. The feature in the incident is removed, and the feature selected on the map is added to the incident. The Change Fault Device tool is not available on confirmed fault devices.

If you want to change the device to one that is downstream of another outage device, the changed device must be on a phase different than the upstream outage.

NOTE: Change Fault Device is disabled on incidents involving partial-power outages.
  1. Right-click an unconfirmed or probable fault device and select Change Fault Device.

    In ArcMap, the cursor changes into the following:

  2. Click a feature to replace the feature currently selected in the incident.
  3. Edit the Actual, Time of Operation, and Confirmed fields as needed.

    By default, the Confirmed Status is set to Probable when the device is changed, but you can modify this value if needed. The available values in the Actual field are determined by the device's Normal Status and Phase Designation. You cannot set an Actual Status of ABC on a device that has an expected status of A Closed and a Phase Designation of A.


  4. Click OK to save changes and close the dialog.
    NOTE: Changing a fault may affect prediction.
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