Change Location Feature

Available in Responder Explorer.

Change Location Feature allows the user to select a non-electric device to replace a non-electric device on an incident. The feature in the incident is removed, and the feature selected on the map is added to the incident. This tool works with unconfirmed non-electric devices.

NOTE: The Change Location Feature tool is not available on confirmed and probable location features.
  1. Right-click an unconfirmed location feature and select Change Location Feature.

    In ArcMap, the cursor changes to the following:

  2. Click a non-electric feature to replace the feature currently selected in the incident.
  3. Edit the following fields on the Edit Location Feature window as needed:
    • Time of Report

      NOTE: Click the Set to Now button to set the field to the current date and time.
    • Confirmed

    • Remarks

  4. Click OK to save changes and close the form.
    NOTE: Changing a fault may affect prediction.
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