Correct Phase/Time

Available in Responder Explorer.

You can modify the phase and/or time of operation for electric devices associated with an incident on the Incidents tab. Access the Correct Phase/Time form by right-clicking an unconfirmed or probable device.

When the Actual Status on an unconfirmed fault is edited, the affected loadpoints are corrected. A correction is not reflected in the incident's history or in the archive. If any customer calls are associated with the corrected loadpoints, the calls are re-submitted and corresponding single-premise incidents are created. If you want to restore a particular phase on an unconfirmed incident, the incident must first be confirmed.

If the electric device has a status of Confirmed, you can instead select Edit. The Correct Phase/Time tool is not available on confirmed devices.

  1. Right-click an unconfirmed or probable device and select Correct Phase/Time.
    The Correct Phase/Time dialog displays information about the selected fault device.
  2. In the Status section of the dialog, edit the Actual and Time of Operation fields as needed; you can also add or edit information in the Remarks text box as needed.

    The available values in the Actual field are determined by the device's Normal Status and Phase Designation. It does not allow you to set an Actual Status of ABC on a device that has an expected status of A Closed and a Phase Designation of A. However, you can set an Actual Status of AB on a device that has an expected status of ABC. In this case, the loadpoints powered by the phase(s) returned to normal would be corrected.

    When you edit the Actual field, you should also modify the Time of Operation to indicate the time the Status was changed. To set the Time of Operation to the current time, click the clock button.

  3. Click OK to save changes and close the dialog.
    NOTE: If you modify the Actual status to match the Expected status, the fault device is confirmed. In this case, no restoration steps are created.
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