Create Multiple Crews

Available in Responder Explorer.

A user can add multiple crews to the Crew window at one time. This functionality can be useful in a storm situation when multiple contract crews need to be added to the system.

  1. Right-click in the Crews window and select Create Multiple Crews.
  2. Provide crew information. When the multiple crews are created, Responder appends a number to the end of the Name value to prevent crews from having the same name.

    The Status field determines whether the crew available for assignment. Any status other than Available prevents the crew from being assigned to an incident.

  3. In the Responder Mobile Crew field, select Yes or No. If a crew is using Responder Mobile in the field, this field must be set to Yes for the crew to be assigned to incidents in the field.
  4. Select the number of crews to create.
  5. The Starting With field appends a number to the crew name to make it unique. The appended number increases incrementally from the value in this field.
  6. Click OK.
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