Available in Responder Web Browser.

By default, the Dashboard is available to all users and does not require a role assignment or Username/Password. The Dashboard provides outage information in several formats.

Government Dashboard: This dashboard view is not displayed by default. Your administrator can choose to configure the Responder web browser to show this information.

Data is displayed by region. Select a region in the left column to display its data. You can also click the map to zoom in or right-click to zoom out. Regions are determined by your administrator and can have up to three levels. In the example below, Corporate is the highest region level and encompasses all regions below it (e.g., Evans, Greeley, La Salle, etc.). Each subsequent region represents a portion of the largest region (Corporate in this example). La Salle represents a portion of Corporate, and zip code 80645 represents a portion of La Salle.

Unknown Region: Anything that doesn't exist in a defined region falls into the Unknown region.

Data can be viewed in three different formats: Geospatial, Analytical, and Tabular.

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