Edit Jumpers

Archive Explorer offers two ways to access and edit information about jumpers associated with an incident.

  • From the Edit Incident window, right-click a jumper on the Jumpers tab and select Edit. The Jumpers tab displays all jumpers associated with the incident.

  • On the Archive Explorer Incident tab, expand the incident to display the jumpers associated with it, right-click a jumper, and then select Edit.

You can edit most of the jumper information. You cannot edit fields in gray. The Highlight, Zoom To, and Pan To tools are enabled only if you have ArcMap open.

NOTE: Because a jumper is a temporary feature, zooming and panning to the jumper location displays only its location extent when it existed on the map. The jumper is not visible in this view. Clicking Highlight displays the end points of where the jumper previously existed on the map.

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