Manage Incident

Available in Responder Explorer.

Specific tasks must be performed before an incident can be closed. You can perform these tasks individually by right-clicking either the assigned crew or the incident device, or you can use the Manage Incident tool.

  1. Right-click an incident and select Manage.
    The Manage Incident dialog displays the tasks that must be performed before the incident can be closed. A green check indicates the task has been performed.
  2. Select a task and click Execute.
    You can also click Execute All to execute all of the tasks on the list that haven't yet been performed. To refresh the list of tasks, click the Reload button. Sometimes executing one task can create another. The Reload button adds new tasks to the list if they exist.
  3. Click Close to exit the dialog box.
    NOTE: While a crew can be assigned to multiple incidents, it can be dispatched to only one incident at a time. If you attempt to change the status of a crew that has been dispatched to another incident, an error message appears. The crew can be dispatched to another incident when it has finished work on the first one (Status = Completed).

    If all of the preceding tasks have not been performed (i.e., power has not been restored and customers are still assigned to the incident), a message similar to the one below appears. The incident cannot be completed.

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