Sample Outage Symbology

Available in ArcMap.

When an operator creates a new incident using the Customer Call form, Responder places symbology at the outage location in ArcMap. Symbology can be customized (see the Responder Customization Guide). The symbology used in the online help examples may not resemble the symbology used by your utility.

Responder uses "bullseye" symbology. Each color of the bullseye indicates a different meaning. The following table provides descriptions for the default symbology provided with Responder.



The gray circle indicates a loadpoint affected by an outage.

The blue circle indicates a single-premise outage. No other known loadpoints have been affected by the outage.

The yellow dot at the center of the bullseye indicates a customer call.

This symbol indicates a faulty electric device (e.g., transformer, fuse, dynamic protective device).

This symbol indicates the presence of a hazard.

This symbol indicates an incident on a location feature (non-network).

This symbol indicates a switching operation on a device.

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