System Switch State

Available in ArcMap.

This field allows you to determine how ArcFM electric and Responder tracing is performed. The field has two options: Normal and Actual.

  • Normal: Electric tracing is performed using MMElectricTraceWeight values. This is how tracing is executed in ArcFM (without Responder).

  • Actual: The present statuses of devices are stored in the RX_INCIDENT_DEVICES table in the Actual_Status field. This table stores only devices and/or conductors currently in an abnormal state. If Actual is selected in the System Switch State field, Electric Tracing honors the state of any device in the trace that has a row in the RX_INCIDENT_DEVICES table and a value in the Actual_Status field. If the feature does not have a row in this table, Electric Tracing uses MMElectricTraceWeight.

When Actual is selected, the trace looks at the Actual Status of all devices regardless of their status (confirmed, probable or unconfirmed).

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