A task provides access to make particular types of edits (operations) to specific tables in the Responder database. A task consists of one or more operations.

  1. To create a task:
    1. Type a value in the New Task field and click Create.
    2. Follow the instructions for Edit Task to assign operations.
  2. To edit a task:
    1. Click Edit next to the task that you want to modify.
    2. The operations currently assigned to the selected task appear. Click Remove next to an operation to remove it from the task.
    3. In the Add Operations section, type a value in the Search Operations field and click Search. An operation is a SQL statement made up of the Responder table followed by the type of edit (separated by a comma). For example: RX_CREWS, DELETE means that a task with this operation allows the assigned user to delete rows from the RX_CREWS table.
    4. Click Add next to the operation to add it to the task. Repeat for any additional operations that you want added to the task.
    5. Click Done.
  3. To delete a task:
    1. Click Delete next to the task that you want to remove.
    2. You are prompted to confirm the deletion. Click Yes to delete or No to cancel the deletion and keep the task.
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