Toggle Layer Cache

Available in ArcMap.

The Toggle Layer Cache tool sets the cache property on an Esri layer to provide quicker redraws of the selected layer. The tool is particularly useful to speed up the display of information such as calls, incidents, and loadpoints.

For example, an administrator may want to use this tool when initially setting up a map document. The administrator can select the group layer (see Configuring Responder online help for information) and click the Toggle Layer Cache button. When events occur in Responder, a refresh is sent to ArcMap to refresh only this group layer.

When you select a layer and hover over the Toggle Layer Cache button, the tool tip indicates whether the layer has been cached.

  • Cache Layer = layer has not been cached

  • Do Not Cache Layer = layer has already been cached

  1. In ArcMap, select a layer on the TOC (Display or Source tab).
  2. Click the Toggle Layer Cache button on the Responder toolbar.
    All children of the selected layer are also cached (or not cached).
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