Responder Explorer Tools

Available in Responder Explorer.

The following menus appear at the top of Responder Explorer:

  • File: Close Responder Explorer by clicking Exit from this menu. Open the Switching Operations window from this menu.

  • View: Select the pane that appears as the focus in the Responder Explorer window.

  • Tools: Change the buttons that appear on the toolbar by clicking Customize from this menu. Change the time format from a standard 12-hour format (i.e. 4:17:35 PM) to a 24-hour format (i.e. 16:17:35) by selecting Use 24-Hour Format.

    NOTE: The initial setting of the time format respects your machine's settings. If your machine is set to a 24-hour format, clearing Use 24-Hour Format sets your times to the 12-hour format.
  • Window: Adjust the position and tabs that appear in the Responder Explorer application.

  • Help: View online help and version information for Responder Explorer.

The Responder Explorer toolbar provides the operator with functionality to view incident information in ArcMap and in Responder Explorer.


Flashes the incident symbology three times on the map. You may need to click Zoom To first if the symbology does not appear on the map.

Zoom To

Zooms the ArcMap display to the selected incident.

Zoom To Incident Extent

Zooms the ArcMap display to include all loadpoints affected by the selected incident.

Pan To

Moves the ArcMap display to show the selected incident without modifying the current map scale.

Apply Updates

Refreshes the data. This button applies the same updates that occur at the Data Refresh Rate interval. This refresh does not clear any selected rows or collapse any expanded rows.

Data Refresh Rate

Determines how often data is refreshed. When data is refreshed using this field, it retrieves all changes made since the last refresh. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to refresh. Selected and expanded/collapsed rows are not changed.

Find Incident for Customer

Allows the user to search for an incident associated with a specific customer.

Generate Reports

Builds a customer list for a selected set or a single selected device and displays it as a report. The selected features do not have to be associated with an incident.

Select Regions

Allows you to determine which regions display data throughout Responder Explorer.

Show Regions

Allows you to view all regions, or click the button again, to view only regions assigned to the current user.

Clear Map

Clears the callouts placed on the map by the View on Map or View Selected Steps on Map tools. You must have ArcMap open and have executed the View on Map or View Selected Steps on Map tool first to view this tool.

Open Web Dashboard

Opens the Responder dashboard in a web browser.

This tool requires configuration. See the Responder Configuration Guide for more information.

Refresh Data

Refreshes the data. Using this button to manually refresh data will refresh all data in the database, which takes longer than using the Data Refresh Rate. This refresh also clears any selected rows and collapses any expanded rows.

NOTE: The Refresh Data button does not appear on the toolbar by default. You can add it using either the Customize menu or the Add and Remove Buttons dialog on the toolbar. If you use the Customize dialog, you must have a row selected that contains an incident device in order for this tool to be visible. Also, note that the button is not visible if you do not have a row selected that contains an incident device.
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