Build Archive from History

This tool functions the same as the Build archive from history tool in Archive Explorer. See the  Archive Explorer Tools topic in the Responder Using guide for more details.

Running as a Scheduled Task

In the Windows Task scheduler create a new Task. It is important that the task run as a user that has at least Dispatcher privileges in Responder. It does not need to run as an Administrative user or the Responder Services user, although it can if desired. Click OK.

Add a new trigger and schedule the task to run at the desired interval. Click OK.


Add a new Action to the task. Browse to the Responder Archive Tool and select it. The default installation location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server\SE.OMS.Archive.Check.exe. Type the desired Arguments. Details on the possible Arguments are presented further in this topic. The recommended values are –ac –t=1. Click OK.


Provide the desired settings in the Create Task window. Click OK.


If prompted, type the user's password and click OK.


Command Line

When the BuildArchive.exe is run from a command line with the /h option, the following is the output:

These options are defined in the Options section below.


The tool takes the following arguments when run from a command line. If an argument is not provided, the default value is used.





Archive Canceled Incidents

Do not archive canceled incidents


Delete history on successful archive

Do not delete history


The number of hours to go back in history from the current time

Look at all history records


Group size to send to archive services; i.e., how many incidents to process per batch



The name of the Responder Server or Message Router to use

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