Build History from Archive

Build History from Archive is a configuration option to help optimize building the archive as a batch process after an accumulation of history records.

To help optimize the Build History from Archive tool, you need to edit a setting in Miner.Responder.ArchiveExplorer.exe.config, which is typically installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Client. Add this setting between the <appSettings> tags and edit as follows:

<add key="MaxGroupArchiveCount" value="5" />

The default value of 5 represents the number of incidents that are sent in each group to Archive Services. This ensures that Responder can use the distributed architecture of the system to prevent overloading specific archive services. Depending on the number of existing services installed, which is configurable, you may want to increase or decrease that number.

The setting above can be edited in the same way on the server side, in Miner.Responder.ArchiveServices.exe.config, to control the number of incidents that are processed in a group.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you alter this setting ONLY if you are experiencing timeout issues while running the Build History from Archive tool. Additionally, as a best practice, if you make a change to these settings, sync Archive Services and Archive Explorer.
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