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In the DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml file you may use the Visible attribute to determine whether the user is permitted to view columns in Responder Explorer. The default value is True, columns may be viewed.

Setting the Visible field to "false" easily removes the column from the user interface in Responder. Note that this value is case sensitive. The true/false value must be all lower case. Setting the Visible attribute to true doesn't automatically make the column visible in Responder's user interface. You may still need to define within the controls whether and where the field is displayed.

In this example, the Hazard field is removed from the Incidents tab.

This image shows Edit Incident window

If the Visible attribute is set to false on the Hazard column in the RX_INCIDENTS table of the DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml file, the Hazard field is removed from the Incidents tab.

Setting the Visible attribute to fals will also remove the Hazard field from the Edit Incidents window.

<Table Name="RX_INCIDENTS" Caption="Incidents" RowCaption="Incident ID:  [ID]" Adapter="Miner.Data.Responder.Adapter.DefaultAdapter" Represents="Incidents">
    <Column Name="ID" Caption="ID" Represents="ID" IsPrimaryKey="true" Sequence="RX_INCIDENTS_ID_SEQ"/>
    <Column Name="STATUS" Caption="Status" DefaultValue="0" Domain="INCIDENT_STATUS" Represents="Status"/>
    <Column Name="REGION" Caption="Region" Domain="REGION" Represents="Region"/>
    <Column Name="CRITICAL" Caption="Critical" DefaultValue="0" Domain="CRITICAL" Represents="CriticalCustomer"/>
    <Column Name="HAZARD" Caption="Hazard" DefaultValue="0" Domain="HAZARD" Represents="Hazard" Visible="false"/>
    <CalculatedColumn Name="DURATION" Caption="Duration" Represents="Duration" DataType="String" Expression=""/>

Some columns are listed in multiple tables. For example, the Hazard column appears in RX_INCIDENTS as well as RX_CALLS. Modifying the column in the RX_CALLS table affects the Hazard field on the Calls tab in the Edit Incident window, not the fields mentioned above.

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