Hazard Rollup

In Responder versions 10.2.1b and prior, a call submitted as No Power with a Hazard comes into Responder as one call record that becomes one incident created with a Device and a Hazard.

With versions 10.2.1b SP1 and later, a call submitted as No Power with a Hazard comes into Responder as two separate calls, one to track the outage and one to track the Hazard.

In version 10.2.1c SP1 this functionality is configurable to allow you to set hazard roll-up according to your preferences.

This functionality is turned off by default. If hazard roll-up is desired, the following setting can be added to the appsettings section of dataServices.config:

<add key="AllowRollupOfHazardOnlyIncidents" value="true" />

Setting this to true means any hazard that is Unsecured or Secured will be rolled up by any incident that contains a co-located loadpoint. The hazard and any related calls will become part of the incident that rolls them up.

There is a second setting that can be input in the same location as the one above, which can control the Hazard statuses that are considered for rollup. This setting is:

<add key="HazardStatusForRollup" value="1" />

This setting defaults to 1 (so it can be left out if you are satisfied with the default), meaning anything Secured (domain value 1) or below will be considered for rollup (Secured and Unsecured, values 1 and 0). This can be changed to 0 if you prefer that Secured not be considered, or the value could be 2 if you additionally prefer Completed hazards to be rolled up.

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