Incident by ID Report

If a user runs the Incident by ID report in Archive Explorer without providing a date range, the default functionality is to return all Incident by ID reports for the current month to date.

You can modify this default setting. However, bear in mind that this setting also impacts the Incidents by Date Range query.

To modify the default setting, follow these steps.

  1. Open ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml.
  2. Look for the following XML:
        <QueryPackage Key="IncidentArchiveQueries">
          <QueryClasses Key="">
            <QueryClass Key="IncidentDateRange" Caption="Incidents by Date Range">
                <b:Property Key="ShowCanceledChildren" Value="true" />
                <b:Property Key="TimePeriod" Value="MTD" />
  3. Modify the TimePeriod property. Replace the MTD value with a value from the list at the top of the ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml file. These values are also defined on the Time Period page.
  4. Save and close ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml.

    More information about the IncidentArchiveQueries query package is available on the Time Period page.

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